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Personal Bankruptcy
Get a Fresh Start

Get a Fresh Start

Find out if Personal Bankruptcy is the Right Solution for you!

• Free Confidential Consultation
• Federally Licensed Professionals
• Immediate Legal Protection
• We handle your creditors
• Service tailored to your needs
• Affordable Monthly Payments

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Consumer Proposal
Negotiate New Terms

Negotiate a Consumer Proposal

Let us help you Take Control of your Life with a Consumer Proposal.

• Avoid Personal Bankruptcy
• Keep your Assets
• Restructure your Payments
• Collection calls and lawsuits stop
• Eliminate your Interest
• Pay Debts off Sooner

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Bankruptcy Specialists
Cameron-Okolita Inc.

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Why should you Choose Us as your Preferred Trustee Firm.

• Experienced, Knowledgeable
• Reputable, Professional
• Discrete, Confidential
• Friendly, Easy to Talk to
• Serving Alberta since 1995
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What is a Trustee in Bankruptcy?

A Trustee in Bankruptcy is a federally licensed insolvency and debt restructuring specialist who is authorized by the Government of Canada to file, administer and oversee bankruptcy and insolvency estates under the provisions of the Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Unlike many of the self-proclaimed “debt settlement specialists” advertising on TV and elsewhere, Trustees in Bankruptcy are Officers of the Court. As such, they are the ONLY individuals who, through a bankruptcy or a formal debt settlement process called a Consumer Proposal, can not only compromise your creditors rights , but provide you with IMMEDIATE legal protection from your creditors, and permanent relief from your debts.

All other parties, regardless of how easy they make it sound, require the cooperation of your creditors to make what they are offering work. As you might guess, full cooperation by one’s creditors is almost never achievable and despite what they would lead you to believe, few of these companies are successful in negotiating new terms with creditors.

What does a Bankruptcy Involve?

Bankruptcy is a legal process where, in return for protection from your creditors and forgiveness of your debts, you surrender a portion of your assets and, depending on what you make while bankrupt, pay a shared portion of your income into your bankruptcy estate for the benefit of your creditors.

The links below highlight the five most common questions we get about Bankruptcy. For more information click on the highlighted text below:

What will I Lose if I go Bankrupt?
How much does a Bankruptcy Cost?
How Long will I be Bankrupt?
How does my Income affect the Length of Bankruptcy?
What happens to my Debts if I go Bankrupt?

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We are friendly, easy to talk to and we encourage you to review our Client Testimonials. We have helped thousands of Albertans achieve true financial freedom and we will take the time to review all your options with you, not just bankruptcy.